Memory Quilts

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A Tribute to Ann
A tribute to my mother-in-law, these pillows were made for each of her children and one for her using her wedding dress. The dress was Italian silk with a satin lining.
In Memory of My Dad
Made in memory of a beloved father, this quilt was made from his silk neckties. The border surrounding the center medallion features fabric from corduroy pants. Machine quilted in an all-over meander.
Memories of David
Made from favorite wool ties and oxford (blue) shirts, this quilt memorializes a beloved husband. Machine quilted in an all-over meander.
Michael's Ties
My first necktie quilt, made for the Michael Bolton Charities annual fundraiser, this quilt features 4 of Michael Bolton's ties, set with neutral cottons and accented with red.
Patchwork Pillows
Have only a few neckties? Consider mixing the neckties with complementary cotton fabrics for a smaller project.
Memories of Mom & Dad - Wall Hanging and Pillows
A mix of clothing items, ties, and a satin wedding dress were used in this set of pillows.
In Memory of Chris
This pair of quilts are made from shirts and ties from a dear husband and son. A comfort for those who miss a loved one.
Memory Quilt Details
The quilting is kept simple to keep the focus on the memories.
Memory Pillows
Using the extra tie and shirt fabrics, these pillows match the previous quilts. The pillow backs are made from shirt fronts.
Hat Logo Quilt
Each square contains a hat log from the recipient's baseball hat collection.
Tshirt Memory Quilt
Memories of high school and college.
T-shirt Quilt - 14 squares, "Funky" Setting
A mix of small, medium and large logos are cut with irregular sides and squared up with "crazy quilt piecing." This quilt uses bright batiks.
A Memorial Quilt
A memorial quilt which features t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, robes, vests, and hat logos. Appliquéd to the quilt top are a pair of silk slippers and the pockets from an often-worn vest.
Shall We Dance?
This quilt tells the story of a dancer, featuring t-shirts, photos and several "star" blocks.
T-shirt Body Pillow
A body pillow celebrates memories using just a few t-shirts.