Quilted with TLC

Examples of Custom Quilting

(Please click on a thumbnail for larger views of the quilt)

Baby Alphabet Quilt
All-over meander quilting.
Bento Box
Meander curved leaf quilting.
Bright Colors
All-over swirls & waves quilting.
Wreath & Ribbon
All-over swirl quilting in different sizes - smaller for background and larger in wreath.
Strips & Squares
All-over quilting with roses & leaves with leaves quilted in the narrow border.
Pink Baby Squares
Swirled all-over quilting design.
Blue Baby Squares
Swirled all-over quilting design.
Basket Quilt
Custom quilting with lattice, feathers & free-hand work.
Scrabble Board Quilt
A birthday gift for a Scrabble-lover. This quilt features the grandchildren's names and adjectives that describe Grandma.
1930's Scrap Quilt with Applique
Custom quilting with flowers in white space, curves in blocks and outlining of applique.
Mexican Star
Custom quilting with curved ruler work, swirls & thin swirls.
Anniversary Quilt
Custom quilting with feathers, free-hand meandering, ruler work and large, loopy flowers.
Fabulous Feathers
Custom quilting with free-hand feathers.
Pop Rocks Quilt
Quilted with daisy pantograph.